Hawksbill Craig

This is a popular Ozark landmark.  While I was with these people on the rock, a couple of them got so close to the edge it made me nervous.  They were quite calm about it, though.  Cheryl posed for me also, but I was unable to get as good a shot as this one.

Sumac Joy

This is my mother and sister, Paula.  The  photo was taken by my father, probably about 1966.  Ernie just reminded me of the Argus C-3 camera, which is the one my dad used.  Not too bad a picture considering the difficult lighting.


Cheryl formed some balls from the vines growing up in our back treeline.  They laid around in the yard for a few weeks until we decided to do this with them.  The birds seem to enjoy having another place to perch on their way to the feeder.  Our biggest problem now is naming this new structure.