Panoramas don’t fit well in my online gallery, so here’s what one could look like matted, framed, and hanging on your wall.  East Beckwith Mountain, available by special order.  Frame size is 12″ x 37″. 

Day Trip

Cheryl got a gander at Nell Hill’s frou frou.  Believe me, this is just one of many decorative sets at their store.  Cheryl said it was beautiful!   For you out-of-staters, Nell Hill’s is in Atchison, Ks. 

Mushroom Rock

This was my first visit to Mushroom Rock State Park.  It’s in Ellsworth county.  Weird.  There is roughly a dozen of these fungus forms on five acres.  I was able to take a shot of this one with an uncluttered background.  I don’t know why most of the park has been allowed to grow up in trees. 

Mountain Cow

Well, I don’t know much about cows but, I got a new appreciation for one at least.  This was in a national forest “multi-use area”.  This one was walking up the jeep trail at about 2:30pm.  Never stopped to graze or anything as far as I could see.  Just walking.  About 4:30 I’m driving up same trail as she is trotting down (I mean good speed).  It just struck me that she had something to do up there and knew when she needed to get back to the herd.